OCZ vertex 3 update with another pc

After reading thru some threads on this I am abit confused.
I have a new build in progress and will be my first using SSDs.
I would like to flash the vertex 3 with the latest firmware before installing and loading W7 on it. I have 2 other pc's : desktop w/ XP and a Laptop w/ W7.

Am i able to download OCZ toolbox and firmware on my Dsktop and use a sata to usb adapter cable to link the SSD for updating ? So this way i wouldn't have to pull out the tower open it up etc..
Or just use the laptop and run it via the same cable ?
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  1. You have to pull out the case if you use the toolbox, but if you use the linux-base tools you don't need .
  2. So by using linux based tool I can use the Dsktp XP machine to do it via the sata to usb cable link ?
  3. You can do it on the one with win7, but backup your data first.

    And make sure don't lost the power during the flash.
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