Whats the best motherboard for an intel core i7-990X

i want to build a super video processing computer
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  1. The Best Board for an Intel i7-990X is this one:
    Cheaper price here by $20:
    But if your not planing to buy "The BEST", get this decent one but it's not ass good as the link i posted above:

    BTW, If your doing extreme build around 10k or 5k, I recommend getting these RAM because it works better with your Adobe CS5 or CS5.5...

    Also, if i were you, i'd wait for the LGA 2011 because it's ganna come with 6 Cores and is an Extreme one too and it will replace your 990X so it's your money, your choice, Wait for LGA 2011 by 2011 Q4/Q1 2012 OR You can buy your 990X now... Also, when the LGA 2011 is released, the price for 990X would be dropped to $700 or so...
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