Computer Freezes while Playing Games - PSU Issue?

Hello There

Recently, I had an issue where my computer would freeze and lock up repeating the same 0.2 seconds of sound in a loop that occured before the crash. Now i have'nt had this problem in the past, But i recently installed a new HDD in the computer. I checked out the PSCalculater on the Asus website and it is reporting i should have at least a 700w PSU

Heres what i have:
Nvidia GeForce GTX 280
Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200 @ 2.33ghz
2 HDDs 620gb + 1000gb
1 Dual Layer DVD ReWriter/CD ReWriter combo
Around 6 constant USB peripherals (sometimes more)
4gb of DDR2 RAM (not sure what type sticks, Have'nt thought to ever check. It's a pre-built model *stupid decision i know*)

I currently have a 600w PSU by WinPower (which are not very well known) and i got it cheap at £20.

So is this a PSU problem or is it something else. I'm assuming if it was the GFX card overheating, It would display some strange artifacts on screen before crashing. I searched my problem in google and got multiple cases claiming it has been fixed by a PSU upgrade. I was thinking of getting the 1500w PSU by Thermaltake as i will be building a high-class gaming computer soon (equipped with Dual SLI GTX 580's and an Intel Core i7 Classified @ 4.44ghz so i will need this power) so i could re-use the PSU later.

What is your take on this guys? Is this the culprit??

Thanks in Advance
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  1. Even if it is not a PSU issue, you definitely need to get rid of that Winpower unit.. For your current setup, a good 550W unit such as the Corsair VX 550 will be good.. However, with your proposed ultra high end gaming rig, you might want to get an equally high end PSU such as the Corsair AX 1200.. Now guess what, you wont be needing all that power but it surely will keep all your required power requirements in check and leave you with enough headroom to plan up for some crazy level overclocks on the CPU as well as the GPU(s)..

    P.S. - Keeping the PSU aside, I guess the lockups are due to your cpu which is quite slow in feeding information to your graphic card to process.. Try overclocking it to atleast 3.0 GHz.. You'll definitely notice improvements.. Although I wont recommend trying anything of that sort without changing the PSU first..
  2. 1- Yeah, that PSU doesn't looks good.
    2- Do you check your temps? Use HWMonitor, Coretemp or Everest.
    3- :lol: 1500W are totally overkill for your rig, get a decent 650W Corsair, Seasonic, XFX or Anter
    4- Dual GTX580 SLI needs a 850W PSU, so, 1200W or 1500W still overkill. Corsair AX850W or Seasonic SS-850HT
  3. Hi Guys
    Thanks for replying ;)

    Just stress tested my GTX 280 and that peaks at around 85 - 87oC which i have read is normal for this card.
    Just tested the CPU and it's not even budging from around 42oC on a 92% load O_O and although my CPU has alot of potential, It's a pre-built Packard Bell which is an OEM OS (Vista Home Premium 32bit) which means no changing the motherboard and no overclocking :( (i know i'm a moron for buying it XD)

    So changing the PSU is my best option at this point i guess. Always wanted to overclock this CPU but with it being a PB i'll never be able to do it :( I've even tried with software and none of them reconise the Mobo :P

    THanks for all the help guys ;)
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