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Hello, i want to upgrade my graphics card. I have the GTX 260 and was thinking of an ATI Radeon HD 5750, because its cheap and have DX11, so here's my question goes:

Is it worth the upgrade? I noticed that my GTX 260 have 216 streamproccessors and the 5750 have 720.

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  1. The GTX 260 is faster than the HD 5750 and the HD 5770 - not a worthwhile upgrade in my opinion.
  2. Your GTX260 is faster than a HD5750.

    A HD5750 is roughly equal to a HD4850 or GTS250. You can't compare two graphics cards just on how many stream processors they have, especially when there made from difference company's.

    A GTX470 or HD5850/5870 would be a sizeable upgrade from a GTX260.
  3. Ok thanks for the fast replyes =) will buy a 5850 then ;)
  4. But I have another question, I just decided to buy a 5750 for my brother, what manufacturer u think I should choose? I was looking at the Gigabyte one but I want help to choose.
  5. Its completely up to you, the main difference's of various manufactures are:

    Warranty length and conditions
    Bundle/Accessories included
    Cooling design

    So you have to decide say for example whether you want a card that comes with an aftermarket cooler or whether you want the cheapest HD5750.
  6. I think im going with the gigabyte's one, most expensive i can find xD
  7. Right.... Hope your brother is happy with it

    Just a thought, you might be able to get the cheapest HD5770 for the same price as the most expensive HD5750.
  8. Is the 5770 faster than GTX 260?
  9. roughly the same performance.
  10. AT stock clocks, the GTX 260 Core 216 is a bit faster than the HD 5770, but really the performance is similar.
  11. If you have a GTX260, why not give that to your brother when you upgrade?
  12. Thx for all the answers everybody =) but I bought the HD 5770 for my brother and kept the GTX 260.
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