PC not being recognized on LAN, even though accessible on network

I have a home network with two PCs on it, one running Ubuntu and the other Vista. My Belkin router is connected to mt ATT DSL modem, and both PCs are wired through the router.

I can access the internet on both the Ubuntu and Vista machines, I have my Ubuntu machine drive mapped on my Vista machine, and I can connect to my Ubuntu machine via its local IP (

I just purchased this Belkin router because my other one died. Here is my problem:

When trying to setup port forwarding (HTTP, FTP) to my Ubuntu machine, neither my router or modem list the machine as connected to the LAN (even though it is) - only the Vista machine.

Is there a way to manually add it to both lists, or a way for me to get them to recognize it?
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  1. I'm not 100% sure which lists you're referring to or how you end up referencing them, but I'm guessing the router and Vista are probably running / using UPnP... which in my opinion is about the worst idea ever. If you need to do port forwarding just point it to a static IP on the Ubuntu machine.
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