Looking for a Video card upgrade

Hey Guys

As the post says looking for a upgrade at the moment my system is.

MotherB. Asus P5PL2-E
Petium D 3.2ghz.(crap i know)
2Gb of Ram
MSI 512Mb GT 9500
Atlas 450Watt PSU(has no 6 pin conection)
XP pro 32 bit

Really looking for the best Card my system can run with no upgrades to PSU or Cpu

Was thinking GT 220 1Gb DDR 2 Gainward card would be a little better yes/no?local dealer has one for 130$Aus(live in a town with 1 Pc shop)

Open to all idea guys what do you guys think?

Thanks heaps in advance for your time.
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  1. What else is available? Give us a list and we'll pick the best.
  2. Really unsure as to what cards can run with no 6 or 8 pin conections.
    I asked the dealer what cards he had in stock and what would run,everytime ending back up at the GT 220,but im willing to pay 80-150$ for something that will get better FPS then a 512MB GT9500 just kinda no nothing when it come to what i can and cant use.
  3. Is the HD 5670 available?
  4. I dubt he has it in stock but.i can order it in or buy off the net if needed.And the HD 5670 can run on my systen with no PSU upgrades?
  5. HD5670 or GT240 are good upgrade from the old 9500 GT and you don't need change PSU...
  6. Thanks guys

    Been goggle'n the HD 5670 as it looks like the better option out of the 2,but just checking before i order one and get it home,my Atlas 450watt PSU has no 6 or 8 pin connection's.so from what i read i just buy a 6 pin to 4 converter.and guessing those are the same one that plug into harddrive and CD drives?
  7. ^+1 what he said

    5770 would be a good choice according to ur budget and power but u will face huge bottleneck
  8. Hi

    If you were happy with your GT9500 , you should be very pleased with your GT220 upgrade. It's a three tier upgrade and that's a good selection.

  9. Thanks again guys

    Just checking with 6 pin to 4 converter is this safe for PSU?guessing it must be if there selling them like that?

    also Djaabrams the GT 220 seems ok.but thinking the HD 5670 is lots better.
  10. Normally, you'd need a four pin molex to six pin PCI-E connector.

    However, the HD 5670 does not need any external connections, and receives all its power from the motherboard's PCI-E x16 slot.
  11. i would recommend getting a HD 5750 since the gt 220 is only slightly better than a 9500 gt.
    it does need a 6 pin but if you get a 4 pin molex to 6 pin adapter then it should work.
    but getting the gt 240 is more of a sensible idea. also what part of Australia do you live?
    i live in Sydney : )
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