Need help, almost lost all hope...

Ok heres my build

Gigabyte MA785GM-US2H Motherboard
4gb ddr2 800mhz ram
1.5tb Seagate Barracuda HD
AMD Phenom x4 9650 2.3
HIS ATI Radeon HD 5670
I Inc IH252 25" 1080 LCD Monitor
Currently running CCC 10.7, previously was using 10.6 same problem

Now heres my issue, when playing any game, i have this constant light flicker on the edges of objects. The graphics look great, and the edges are not jagged, there is just a light reflection/glare that as you move or the camera moves, it will scroll around.
This drives my eyes insane, i have a very hard time explaining it. It almost looks like jaggies, but its just light the lines are still crisp.

Its almost impossible to tell with this image unless you open it to the full 1920x1080 resolution, not sure if thats possible. This is bioshock 2, and the two red boxes, show the light jaggies.

Here on Batman Arkham Asylum this hand rail is a good example

It doesnt look so bad when sitting still, but when moving its aweful.
Im not sure if this is something simple like a AA/AF setting, or something similar. Or if its my monitor, I am running HDMI(MONITOR) to DVI(VIDEOCARD) but ive tried HDMI to HDMI no change.
Any help would be greatly appreciated, I know I didn't explain very well, any tips on how i can better show my problem will also be appreciated.
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  1. Only happened on this game, right?
    what about the other games? If the other games are fine then the game itself is in trouble...

    Also HD5670 is not good for high resolution, like your 25" monitor...
  2. No its in all games, Just Cause 2, WoW, Bioshock 2, Need for Speed Shift, Crysis, everything. What card would you recommend for a 1920x1080 resolution? as close to the same price range as possible. And do you know what my issue would be called?
  3. record a video using fraps
  4. the cheapest card for that resolution, i would recommend a 5770 or 5830.
  5. Im having trouble uploading the video because of the 1080p quality, i recorded about 5 to 10 seconds and its over 300 mb haha. I'm also not sure if the issue will be noticeable on a low quality
  6. It just looks like Aliasing to me. what AA settings are you? turn it up.

    also, make sure Cat AI and mipmap are turned up in CCC.
  7. I'm almost positive i have tried tweaking every CCC setting and every in game graphics setting, ive tried each notch for AA and AF, but with mipmap i have either High quality or high performance, high quality right?
  8. yeah, quality. that combined with higher AA should do the job. if it is aliasing, but its hard to tell from the pics.

    it could just be a result of using lowered settings though. you can't really complain about graphical inconsistencies when running a low end card in modern games.

    have you tired maxing the games out (you would get bad framerates, but just to see if the problem is gone?)

    i may be way off, and it may be something other than what it looks from the pics. but it seems to me just that the game looks ugly thanks to being played at low settings.
  9. Oh no the games look awesome, all settings are maxed and it runs great, high fps everything looks good, but i just have that light flicker problem on the edges.

    Also have a problem with a stutter when i move the mouse, which is odd because its fine if im running with the keyboard but only when i move with the mouse, makes playing first person shooters really bad.

    I'm tweaking CCC settings now to see if I can get the light problem to go away.
  10. oh, wouldn't have expected that with a low end GPU. one advantage of console ports i guess.

    the mouse stutter could be because of the weak processor (original phenoms were pretty bad), it may not be able to keep up with the polling rate.

    try doing a clean re-install of your video drivers (including running driver sweeper). im not entirely sure what could cause the issue, so its a case of figuring out what it isn't to narrow it down.
  11. I changed the CCC AI to Advanced, and Mipmap to High quality, and it definitely helped with Batman almost completely removed the light flicker, but on WoW its severely worse...

    The mouse stutter confuses me because its really only noticeable when i do slow mouse camera movements, thats what makes me think its not a performance issue, plus im never pushing more than 50% of my cpu
  12. what DPI is the mouse? stutter on slow and precise mouse movements is usually down to low dpi.
  13. 1000dpi, is that low? its the microsoft wireless laser desktop 4000, which is going to be returned because the keyboard is garbage, feels cheap.
  14. In WoW, in the in game video settings, change to the Multi-sampling to at least x4 or x8. That should fix it.
  15. the multi-stamping doesn't seem to change anything either
  16. beauscuf182 said:
    1000dpi, is that low? its the microsoft wireless laser desktop 4000, which is going to be returned because the keyboard is garbage, feels cheap.

    If you like wireless mice. Try a Microsoft Sidewinder x8. It has a DPI of 4000, and a very nice recharger that even when plugged in, is better than using a normal wired mouse.
  17. I returned my monitor and got a different one, its LED and has a much higher contrast ratio, that seemed to help with some of my lighting issues, but the stuttering camera when i move the mouse is still present, just got a different mouse/keyboard combo as well, didnt help
  18. is it still a low end, low dpi mouse though?
  19. It says its 1200 dpi. i know thats not necessarily high, but i would think the majority of people are using a pretty low end mouse and i dont hear about this issue often.
  20. its an issue that would usually arise when using a low-dpi mouse at a high sensitivity setting.

    msot people using a low end mouse would be fins with thw slow movement speed, but gamers usualtyl prefer much faster cursor speed. hence why we tend to go for high DPI mice. if you have turned up the sensitivity but are still using a low DPI mouse, that could explain the issue (though its not guaranteed to be the problem)

    its the first thing i think of anyway.

    i have my mouse at around 3000dpi most of the time. lowering to about 1500 for sniping and other slow tasks.

    but it could be something else entirely. i can't think of anything else that would cause it though.
  21. that makes sense, and im pretty sure my sensitivity is set pretty high, im at work now but ill try it out when i get home tonight and let you know.
  22. I'm a bit late, got busy. But the problem still seems to be there with high or low sensitivity, the screen is just jumpy when you move the mouse.

    But its not extremely noticeable, yet still enough to annoy me.

    I still don't feel like needing a mouse with a very high dpi really would solve it, because all my other computers had OEM dell mice and those are garbage, but never had the problem.

    I could be wrong, if i can get my hands on a mouse with a dpi > 2000 ill check.
  23. I also find poor mouse tracking on games with poor FPS. Your FPS performance will make the mouse feel jumpy as well.
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