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hello every one, im building a gaming pc, i will be using a 120gb SSD for all of my games and would like to get about a 500gb hard drive just for saving miscellaneous stuff. i have about 60$ to spend on it, i plane on spending large amounts of time on the pc so i would like something that would be durable. I was looking at the WD green 500gb but i noticed that WD says there green line is mostly for a secondary storage.
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  1. The reason they say the green drive is primarily for secondary storage is because the green drives have pretty aggressive power saving techniques employed. This can impact performance if you were trying to use it as a primary drive.

    For your stated uses, the WD Green might be fine. If you don't mind waiting an extra maybe 5 seconds on occasion waiting for the platters to spin back up, then you'll be fine.
  2. well is there any hard drives for the similar price that is not energy efficient, cause i really dont care about energy saving, i would rather have speed lol.
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