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Basically im looking to buy a new ssd at the beginning of next year but i dont know what one to get just yet. I've seen a few that look pretty good liek the samsung 830 but was looking at getting something a bit cheaper but still with good performance. So far the ones im looking at are:

samsung 830
Vertex 4 or 3
agility 4 or 3

what one would be best to get?
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  1. samsung 830 < a proven and reliable drive.
  2. Samsung's 830 series is a top quality drive. Although the 840 and 840 Pro models have been launched they offer next to no noticeable gain in system performance for everyday use. Absolutely would be a top recommendation, especially because they can be found at great sale prices in the wake of the 840/840 Pro launch.
  3. well i wont be getting one for another month at the least so will definitely look into buying the 830 then. have read really good things about the 830 but wanted to see what others thought, and as you said with the 840 out the 830 will drop soon hopefully. Well thanks for the advise ill be sure to get the samsung next year :D.
  4. The 840 PRO and 830 are both amazing, the normal 840 not so much.

    That being said, the Vertex 4 is also an amazing drive, at a cheaper price point, and it's just as reliable. (The 3 series, however, isn't.)
  5. ive have a 3 series at the moment only problem is its the 60gb, got witcher 2 and now far cry 3 and skyrim installed so no memory left XD. Anyway ive had it a year and a half so far with no faults at all so far that is so i cant knock it seeings its done me good. But as i said not enough memory and seeings the prices have gone down i thought its time to get a new one ^^
  6. 830, Koreans know what they are doing.
    (No offense) but its a superb SSD.
  7. I have a Crucial M4 128GB and it is fantastic. It's a bit cheaper than the Samsung (same price roughly as a Vertex 3 or 4), so you might consider that as well.

    Honestly, I think there isn't going to be any noticeable difference between the M4, 830, 840, OCZ, and Intel SSDs at the end of the day.
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