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Case/MB type

Excuse mi ignorance, i have an old computer compaq presario 5bw353 (like this without use, i want to upgrade that with the minimum $$ possible, i want to buy a new MB for that case, (i have the power suply and other components) but it dont says(case or mobo)in any place if it is ATX, ITX, mini ATX, etc. In the manufacture´s website isnt there that specification. Can anyone know that model?? Can anyone helpme??? Very thanks
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  1. micro = micro ATX?? or this is old to be micro ATX ?
  2. Most likely being a micro tower, it will only support a micro-ATX motherboard.
  3. I think some MATX cases will take an ATX board but you need the exact case model to check.

    Best thing is to try and get your hands on an old ATX board and sit it in and try.
  4. I tried my hardest to find the specs for his PC but it seems HP is intent on keeping detailed system specs a secret, along with many other PC manufacturers out there. :( Home Built, the only way to PC :)
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    Hi ray_page, Use this diagram to determine what motherboards your case will be able to handel, you will most likely have to remove the motherboard to be 100% certain but, if your case has a micro-atx motherboard in it now, you should be able to see the extra ATX screw holes.

  6. Thanks to all
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