Gaming rig for 1080p monitor

Mobo ASUS Sabertooth x58 $219
Cpu Core i7 930 330
Video 5870 his 1gb 415
Memory Corsiar xms3 3x2gb 140

Total 1104

looking for 1000 CAD price range

any other recomendations for these 4 categories? it would be nice if i can go cheaper than 330 for cpu, these prices were from, a local store where i live, mobo was from and memory from ncix
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  1. Intel i7-930 CPUs are available for $200 at MicroCenter (US stores) for walk-in customers. Not sure whether this will help you.
  2. You dont need that CPU for gaming. Drop back to an i5 760 and a cheaper P55 motherboard with USB3. Should put you under 1000 without hurting your gaming performance.
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