M2n sli deluxe bios update

getting a HD5750 and i think i need to update my bios so i wont have a cold boot issue .. how do i update it..
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  1. if your system no having error issued , not recommend for update bios .. or just go to website vendor your mobo
  2. I have the same Mobo and I updated my Bios when I upgraded to a phenom 2. I believe I used a utility that I downloaded from the Asus site. I had a number of of Bios versions to upgrade through to get to the one I have installed. To be honest I even got an error message during the process but I was still able to upgrade to the Beta version that I needed.

    Anyhow like henydiah says I would only upgrade your Bios for a specific reason (in my case to support the CPU I wanted to add). I would be very surprised that a different graphics card is a reason to upgrade your bios.
  3. i just saw that some HD5xxx was having cold boot error. and Asus did put out a bios fix but there bios fix for it is Beta and i dont have the cash for a new mobo or a computer atm.. :wahoo:

    good news that XFX said if i have a any issue's i can get a differnt card back :)
  4. update got the card today and all i get a beeps telling me there is no VGA card yay back to my back up 9600GT...
  5. so Xfx went from great service to crap.. they want me to update my bios risking my monther board just to see if its goin to work.. well isnt that just bloody nice of them ...
  6. so i updated my bios to 1804 the "HD5xxx" fix bios and the card still dont work..
  7. just FYI..I am running the M2N-SLI deluxe on the Beta Bios (version 5001) without issues for at least 6 months. I did it to get Phenom 2 support. I think it eliminates the ability for a LAN hardrive. I have not had any issues as I am using a normal HD through SATA.
  8. just sent it back to XFX never again.... now im getting a soso 9800gt.. and the 5750 was DOA...
  9. can you try XFX in the other PC ?
  10. henydiah said:
    can you try XFX in the other PC ?

    yeah i did its dead
  11. good .. send it back to XFX !
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