Im trying to copy a recovery disc to multiple discs....?

I ordered a recovery disc for one of my laptops but it keeps coming up blank when i insert it. My other laptop reads it fine so I copied all the files to that comp, sent them to the comp i need it for. Now im trying to burn the disc since i know itll read its own format. But its 5.13gb, just over the capacity of the dvd-r it can burn. Is there a way to make it a multiple disc, recovery disk??? I dont even know if this would have booted properly anyway, just running out of ideas. Any help? Can i somehow boot the comp with the files i have on here?
HP pavillion dv9000 series
vista home premium 64
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  1. The recovery disc might be a double-layer DVD (DVD-9) which only a few DVD drives can read, and even fewer can write to. It seems your laptop that you need the disc for cannot read DVD-9 discs, and I can't suggest any way of turning it into two discs that would actually work for recovery purposes.

    I'm surprised you were sent a DVD-9 disc (if that's what it is). I would contact them and ask them if they can send you two standard DVDs instead.
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