Hard drive chattering on start up?

It's been doing this for around a year now. When i start my PC, it chatters for a good 10 minutes. Sometimes when i access the hard drive or install something it does this too.

Anyone got an idea of the cause(it sounds nothing like the "click of death")
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  1. It may be normal for that drive. Have you run any tests on it? The manufacturer's web site will normally have testing utilities you can download for free.

    HDTune can also check your drive's SMART status.
  2. Does your Antivirus run a scan on start up? my pc at work does, and it takes about 10 minutes to settle down.
  3. I have used HDTune and it did not find any faults before. I also do not scan with anti virus on start up.

    I'll have to chalk it up to being normal for this drive. It's just strange that it only started doing it after a year of use.
  4. By chance did you change the orientation of the system, or possibly jar it somehow during operation?

    Long ago I had a hard drive in a system which I believe began making constant noise after being rotated into tower position after spending years in a desktop orientation.

    Since your system has been doing it for a year I wouldn't be incredibly worried about it, but it might be worth doing backups if there's any important data there, and/or looking at something like Spinrite .
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