2 DEAD LCD in 2 months!?!?!?!

Hey guys, about 2 months ago my 30" dell lcd went, video card and mobo ( replaced it all except the 30" dell which im still trying to fix) today my 20" dell went, is this is just a coincident or could there be something else im not considering, possibly a faulty APC battery backup, or maybe something in my computer that's causing this.
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  1. are you sure there isnt any static electricity or anything else which could cause you problems for your computer?
  2. no im not sure, and for all i know something else could have shorted this time. but i don't have a working monitor to test my desktop.
  3. ... then how are you using this forum?
    if its on another computer then can you burrow that one?
  4. Yeah im using an old powerbook.
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