Radeon HD 4770 cant play on linux


I am running Linux on my ATI Radeon HD 4770 and I'm getting more and more pissed at this silly problem. My brother uses linux (latest ubuntu) and it works fine for him. He can play WoW and other games as well. But when I try to start any 3D or sometimes even 2D accelerated game it freezes or won't start. Heroes of newerth (linux native) just give me a black screen, WoW doesn't appear visually anything at all and so on.

It flickers a lot all the time I start applications but specially wine applications.

If you need some more info about my problem and what I've done to prevent this from happening you can see all the details here:


I hope you can help me to fix this problem, I have the latest drivers installed. :)

Thank you!
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  1. I use ubunto for linux/unix related CAD/CAE tools. For gaming i use Windows.
  2. Got windows? Try running a benchmark like Furmark to see if anythings wrong with the card.
  3. There isn't anything wrong with the card. I just know by reading around that a lot of people have trouble with ATI's drivers for Linux, they suck, to be honest. :P
  4. Are you sure? fglrx is alright IMO.
  5. Sine I can play games on my windows partition it seems to be fine. Ok, well my graphic card just started to work since the latest update from ATI's side. And for sure, the compiz works with accelerated graphics and a lot of things seem to work. But not World of Warcraft, neither Heroes of Newerth (which is a native client).

    It's very strange, and for my brother it works quite well.
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