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I have bought a brand new seagate barracuda it has windows profesional on it from the factory.
There is none of my data on it at all.

I want to install windows home premium on them. So do I wipe it (to erase windows pro) and then format it? Or do I just format it - any help appreciated
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  1. Why not use Windows Pro?
    I would create a disk image backup of it using Windows Backup and jot down the Windows Pro license number key also.

    As far as wiping it or not, I would delete the partition and recreate it. Windows Home will let you do that during the actual setup.
  2. Hi - thanks
    I don't want to use pro because I don't have a product key for it - but I am going to put this in a computer that I do have a home premium key for (and disk)

    So if I understand, are you saying just plug in the hard drive and boot from the CD drive using my home premium disk - and the home premium will help install itself?
  3. Yes, correct, use the DVD and boot with it. During the setup process, select advanced options and delete the exisiting partition (you don't really HAVE to it, but I would), it will ask you where you want to install it, and select the partition that you want it on.
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