Recommend Graphic card for my PC

My PC config is

Processor - Phenom X4 Quad X4 - 945 BE 3.0Ghz
Mobo - Asus AMD790GX M4A78T-E
Ram - 2GB DDR3 Transcend
Hard Disk - Seagate 500GB
SMPS - Corsair 550VX
LCD Monitor - Samsung 20" (1900x1200)

Recommend best graphic card under 100 pounds ...........
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  1. At that resolution I recommend you spend slightly more for an HD5770. It is really the minimum current generation card you want for that resolution.
    If you really can't spend more then try to find an HD4870 somewhere for that price, perhaps used.
  2. Regarding Memory Bus .... 128 or 256 bit ?
  3. There are no 256-bit HD5770s. It does have DDR5 memory however which makes up for the narrow bus in terms of overall memory bandwidth.
    You will find some 512mb HD5770s however. I would avoid them at a high resolution like yours.
  4. what about HD 4870 ?
  5. HD4870s are all 256-bit. Once again a 1gb card would be preferable.
    In general the HD5770 and HD4870 are about equal in performance. The advantage of the HD5770 is DX11 compatibility and much greater power efficiency.
  6. The HD4870 is faster than a HD5770 by a tad
  7. HD 5770 is a 1 GB GDDR5 128 bit graphic card. it has DX11 and Eyefinity(you can enable 3 displays at a time and also you can create 3 displays as single display) support and it takes much less power.

    HD 4890 don't have DX11 and Eyefinity(max 2 displays you can enable at a time and also you cant use those two as single display) support. so go for 5770 card.
  8. I ALMOST posted "What kind of video card weighs 100 lbs?"

  9. Resolution that i mentioned was wrong ....

    20" Samsung LCD Monitor - 1600 x 900

    So for this resolution which card will suit me for playing games like Assasins creed 2 , GTA4 , Crysis etc .....
  10. HD5770!
  11. Aneesh@4GHz said:

    HD 5770 - DX11
    HD 4890 - DX10


    HD 5770 - 128 bit
    HD 4890 - 256 bit

    Both are GDDR5 and 1GB ...... But still HD5770 is much better than HD4890 for my PC ???
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    I would get the HD5770 over the HD4890 myself, even for the same price.
    Also the resolution you originally listed is much higher that your actual resolution(by about 50%.) A lower resolution means less graphical power is required. The HD5770 will be very good for that resolution and if you would prefer to stick to your original budget even an HD5750 would do quite well;
    Or for something even much cheaper the HD4850 isn't that far off the HD5750(although it isn't DX11 and uses much more power);
    Keep in mind your motherboard is crossfire capable and your PSU can actually handle 2 of any of the cards I just recommended. As an example two HD5770s in crossfire are on par with an HD5870. I wouldn't recommend adding a second though until you upgrade your monitor. If you like the idea as an upgrade path though I would recommend the low power/heat DX11 cards even more so as they will make for a more appealing dual card set up later on when DX11 is more widely used.
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