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Was wondering If I could get some help from an expert on choosing an SSD? I dont wanna spend no more than $120 on a SSD if possible, maybe like 120gb one just for OS and a game or 2
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  1. Wait for a sale and but the largest you can for your 120... Expert? no SSD adopter? yes.

    You will not likely see the difference between the latest drives you can find on the market today. The testing methodology often involves que depths we can not replicate on our desktops.

    If in doubt. Find a sale on a drive and drop a quick "Is this a good deal" on this forum. Somebody will let you know if you are buying last year's stock.
  2. Not allowed to edit 'but' to 'buy' Did my editing privileges get revoked?
  3. I prefer Samsung SSDs they are fast and reliable, the 830 is cool if you still get one, you can also go with the 840 Series, also good drive.
  4. From what I've read and been told, the current Samsung drives perform better than current OCZ ones. I actually just bought a Samsung 830 64GB to use as a boot drive for my old Core2Duo machine. I got it for around $64 at Microcenter. It definitely shows performance benefits (mainly in terms of shutdown and sleep mode times) but it's probably being bottlenecked by other components of my system (only using 2GB of ram on a 64-bit version of Win7).

    If it's just the OS and a few of your most commonly used, every day programs, you should be able to get by with a small 64GB drive. However, if you're looking to port games you're currently playing to the ssd, then you'll definitely have to go for something around the 120GB or larger range.

    From my experience, just installing the Win7 64-bit os, took 20 gigs. It's not uncommon these days for games to take up 30 GB or more. Taking into account updates for both the os and game, the total space needed will be well over 64 GB.

    So overall, if the price is right, go for a 120 GB Samsung model.
  5. Ive seen the Samsung 830 120gb on sale for 70 bucks, keep an eye out on Amazon and Newegg lightning deals, that is a pretty damn good deal for a 120gb SSD.
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