HAVE WIN VISTA HOME edition. compaq (c:) , factory image (d:) . that is my pc. crashed h.d. on my games pc for kids to play . wondering if i can format another hard drive i have on my pc ? seagate mod.st340810a , 40 gb. hd. has fat system files on it now. i have hooked it in my pc and ran scans from norton and windows . no errors found. not much free space on it now. should i partition it and go w/ntfs file system ? what do i need to do to install win98 se on the seagate? have oem cd rom w/security code for win 98. do i need win 95 system to install 98? any advice or help will b awesome .
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  1. Your post is somewhat confusing. Are you saying you want to install Windows 98 on a Compaq PC which was designed to run Windows Vista? And if you're not saying that, then what has your Windows Vista PC got to do with your problem?

    Please clarify.
  2. Sorry you are SOL. Win 98 is dead. WITH THAT OUT OF THE WAY, the solution i think is...

    ok so you have a vista computer.
    and your kids computer hard drive crashed...
    and you have win98
    and you have an old 40GB drive.
    and want to install win98?. (i will ignore that fact the win98 is DEAD.)
    if I can recall correctly WIN98 only needed the "check disk" if it could not find evidence of an "installed OS" which happened often LOL.

    first you will need to copy the stuff (back it up)on the seagate to another HDD, if you want to keep it).

    next you need to remove everything from the seagate hdd including partitions. (vista can do that, start > control panel > administrative tools > computer management > storage > disk management
    now be very careful!... what you need to do is right click on the 40 GB drive partiition and
    "delete volume" until everything is gone. when you have a raw drive,
    turn off your computer, disconnect the seagate and install it alone in the kids computer.
    insert the win98 disk , install new os... and win98 is installed.
    problem is, if the kids computer HDD really crashed you wont be able to get the games off of it... so you will have to reinstall them.
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