Unsafe Shutdown Count same as Power Cycle count. Is it Safe?

I have an Intel 330 240 gb SSD with windows 8 installed. I also have 2 hdds connected to the same pc as storage drives. When i check the SMART details for the SSD in the Intel Toolbox, The unsafe shutdown count shown is 30, which happens to be the same as my Power cycle count. Does this mean every shutdown i've ever had was unsafe? I have always shutdown windows 8 properly, but the count keeps going up despite this. I even wait for the cpu fan to stop spinning and all the lights to go off before I switchoff the mains.

Should I be worried? Have i setup my ssd wrong somehow?

MSI p55-gd65
intel core i5 750
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  1. I have no idea, but do you have the latest version of that software? 3.12?

  2. Version. 3.1.0 and newer has support for Windows 8.
  3. Yes i have the version 3.1.2

    Here's a screenshot

    P.S. Now that i look at it~ It makes me wonder how the power on -hours count is so high, considering i just installed the ssd last week.
  4. That would equal 102.155 years.

    Lol I'm not sure. LOL Can you click on the green descriptions to see what they say?
  5. My guess is that you might have to run some of the tests or something in order for it to read it possibly.
  6. Some of those values might just be some sort of default in the software before you run the diagnostic tests or info tests in the software. You would not think so, but maybe.
  7. I can't click any of the green descriptions. The weird thing is the software gives really absurd values for my hdds too. But for them the unsafe shutdown count is only 6 compared to 30 power cycle counts.. I just hope this does not harm the ssd in anyway in the long run. I'll try posting on the intel ssd forums.

    Is there any other reliable software to get SMART readings?
  8. For Future Reference:

    I figured out the cause and a solution for my problem. I had installed Win 8 but turned on ACHI in the Bios after installtion followed by the usual Registry tweaks that were needed. This was somehow causing the problem. I simply did a clean install and now the Unsafe Shutdown Count does not increase.

    Could a Mod mark this as solved?

  9. that's interesting!
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