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Hello,recently have one dell precision 450,dual xeon,2.8 ghz,ati radeon 9200 pro agp(asus A9250),buth very low graphics-max.1280x1024...,lock on not run,can'not optimize for 24 inch lcd monitor(need 1960x1200rezolution).can help somebody...?thanx anticipate
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  1. Huh? Can i get some proper syntax going on in there somewhere? i havent the slightly clue what you are trying to get help with.

    by the way, there is a space after a comma not just another letter, makes it a bit easier to read
  2. I'm not exactly sure what you mean pisti, but it sounds like you probably need a better graphics card to play with higher resolutions
  3. Pisti, what language do you speak, i know many and may be able to help. Post again in your native tongue.
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