2 side sub, no center sub

is it ok to have 2 side subwoofer (left and right , front and rear has subwovers) but no center subwoofer. is this set up gonna have a big difference than having a center subwoofer? currently, im using monitor buildin speakers as center speakers
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  1. Do you mean your using that many sub's or do you mean speakers, because really you supposed to have regular speakers for left, right, front, and rears, and only one sub.

    You can have the left/right fronts/rears and only one sub which produces low frequencies that help all the speakers, and if you add a center channel that will help inprove the high range sounds and voices.
  2. I think you mean "speakers", not "subwoofers". Computer speaker systems generally have 2, 4, or 6 speakers with or without a center channel speaker and with or without a subwoofer.

    Using left and right speakers from the monitor is not the same as using a dedicated center channel speaker.
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