Good aftermarket AMD CPU cooler.

Hey all I was looking at a good CPU cooler for my 965, I've read a couple other recent forums for Intel and it looks like a good way to go is to upgrade the thermal paste to start, but I'd also like a quieter and nicer fan for the cpu so I can overclock without worry. I had been looking at the H50 but wasnt sure if the water cooling was actually needed after seeing some of Tom's articles. I also realize that Tom's has a couple articles that are good, but I wanted some people who've tried some of the products.
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  1. the CM 212+, its $25 on amazon. keeps my OC 955 under 50c at load.
  2. +1 for the Cooler Master 212+ , with a price like that and the performance it offers, it really is a home run. :D
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