Hey guys, I'm planning on getting a new case for my motherboard. It's cheaper and easier to do that thatn to build/buy a new computer. All of my components are pretty much new in the old case. The old computer is an HP p6404y. It's not that old but its the case that I want to replace. I have lots of hard drives and things that just wont fit. The form factor of the mobo is micro-atx. So I know that micro-atx mobos will fit in standard atx cases, but will all of the onboard gear fit too? I found an old standard atx case at work and I want to try it. It's a Superpower case. I cant find the part number though. What would be the pros/cons of doing this? Any info would be most appreciated!

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  1. It's not that hard to transfer stuff to a different case. I would draw some diagrams and be sure your hp case has no unusual connectors. Use the opportunity to replace the power supply. I suggest antec or corsair in 500-600 watt, with a single 12v rail of 40 amps or more for a video card upgrade later.
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