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I've been using this seagate 3TB HD that I bought recently. I have been storing all my media and other stuff onto this hard drive. Just today, I wanted to bring my HD over to my friend's house and give him some of the stuff that is stored on the HD. After arriving at his house and hooking up the HD, the computer did not recognize it. I went to Disk Management and saw that the HD was partitioned into 2 parts, one part was the free space (2200gb) and the other part was the space used (800gb). At first I thought that it had something to do with his computer, but when I got home and tried hooking it up to my computer, it showed the same thing. I tried messing with the Disk Management and I accidentally formatted the 1st partition of the HD (the free space one) and luckily the other partition was not deleted. The issue that I'm having now is that the 800GB of used space is showing up as unallocated data and I would like to access this data to recover my stuff. I'm really frustrated with this and I'm in need of some help.
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  1. Is this an external drive or internal?

    Which OS are you running?

    Did you originally partition your drive with 2.2TB and 800GB partitions? I ask this because you seem surprised when you went into Disk Management, as if you expected to see something else.
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