Mobo not detecting IDE optical drive

Hello, I just completed my first build.
cpu: i5-760
cpu: gtx 460
mobo: MSI P55A-G55

My problem is, when I connect my dvd drive to the IDE port on the mother board the system hangs before bios and just says

"Marvell SExxxxx bios version 1.0.xxxx
initializing... "

The Dvd drive is the only IDE device on the cable, it is set as the master on the jumpers on the back, I have also tried clearing the cmos settings and all configurations of the jumper on the back of my DVD drive.

I have one sata HD which has windows 7 on it and the system loads that windows 7 if i unlplug the DVD drive.

I need the dvd drive to format my HD because obviously I have changed mobo, gpu, ram, cpu and nothing in windows works as it should.

Is there a solution to this problem that means i dont have to buy a sata dvd drive??

Any help is greatly appreciated!! I have read forums with similar problems to mine and maybe it seems i should bitethe bullet, buy a sata dvd drive, scrap IDE and find marvell and kick him in the balls!!
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  1. Its not really worth the hassle, go to frys and pick up a sata drive for 18 bucks
  2. Probable issue is BIOS settings. I don't use MSI mobo's so I'm not sure which menu it's in. Basically, make sure IDE mode is enabled, many modern mobo's don't have it enable by default.

    Also, as mentioned, just get a SATA drive. It's dirt cheap and IDE has really gone the way of the floppy.
  3. Cool thanks for the replys guys.. I will have to suck it up and get SATA Anyone reading this who is considering a new build, if you use IDE devices like optical drives (DVD/RW) / older HD's steer clear of MSI's boards which use the Marvell IDE controller. After quite a lot of forum trauling ive found a lot of people with similar problems with MArvells unmarvelous controller. If your all sata your all G.

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