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Since upgrading my ram has been long overdue (4 x DDR2-800) I have been been looking up info on what I should go with. During my research I came across the idea that an upgrade to a new processor/board/ram might be a better idea. Based on the Gaming CPU article I settled on an i5-760 but during my reading i noticed that LGA1156 might be phasing out soon. I currently have an E6800 and a P35-DS3P board. My question is would a complete upgrade to the i5 be worth it right now since they will be replaced next year or should I still with my plans for a memory upgrade? Would it be a massive upgrade for the money over my existing setup?
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  1. Do you already have 4GB? If so, adding more RAM will make no noticeable difference.

    The i5-760 is a great CPU and will likely last you a good few years, but it might be better to wait until Sandy Bridge is released, even if only to get the 760 for cheaper.
  2. The more I read, the more I think holding off would be a good idea but I am still debating. Would the i5-760 be a night a day difference over what I have atm? In all honesty I kind of want to upgrade if only for the fact that its a shiny new toy but when its gonna cost me $700 for a new board, cpu and ram I want to know the performance increase is going to be really good.

    On the 4GB comment, I read this: http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/ram-memory-upgrade,2778.html

    It pretty much suggests that 8GB should be a minimum. I currently have 4GB of DDR2-800 but am looking at 8xDDR2-1066 as one of my options. Would this be a waste of money?
  3. I read the same article just after I posted.. :-).

    Some interesting stuff in there, but I think it depends on what you want to use the system for. The study proved for example that 4GB vs 8GB makes no difference in gaming performance, but might benefit other applications.

    I think you should at least consider this: If you buy more DDR2 RAM now, and then upgrade later, you will have to buy new RAM again anyway (DDR3).

    As far as performance improvement over the E6800 goes, the i5-760 will be twice as fast across the board, maybe more in multi-threaded apps.
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