When starting Windows 7 my hard drive has occasionally went to running chkdsk. After a few times over maybe 10-12 days it started in a loop.
It just go into chkdsk and when it finishes upon restarting it goes into chkdsk again. It just keeps repeating over and over. It is a Western Digital 500G SATA III drive that has not been used much and only has about 60G on it. Everytime it runs chkdsk it comes up with many many errors that it supposedl has fixed. Will reformating the drive and staring over fix this.
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  1. Reformatting the drive "might" fix it, but not if the errors are permanent such as when the hard drive is starting to fail, as all hard drives do eventually.

    I recommend you test it with the manufacturer's diagnostic software which loads from a bootable CD (you cannot test a system drive with Windows-based diagnostic software that's installed on that same drive).

    The links are here:

    The download is usually an "ISO" file from which you can create a bootable CD using IMGBURN from here:

    When you've made the CD, boot your faulty PC from it and the diagnostic software will open after a couple of minutes.
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