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I own a Toshiba Satellite A505. OS is Windows Vista 64 bit w/ SP2. GPU is ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4500. I foolishly erased my old driver in an attempt to install the updated driver. Unfortunately, it appears the updated driver from AMD is not compatible with Toshiba Laptops... Any help with this matter would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. I have attempted to use that site. Unfortunately, I've had no luck in finding drivers for my GPU. I found several drivers for Nvidia products as well as a couple Intel Display Drivers...
  2. did you select the right model. looking through their list, it seems like they have dozens of varients of the A505 model
  3. do you have the exact model number as there are various A505 models? using jefe's link I was able to find Nvidia drivers rather easily for certain models.
  4. I selected the first model. I am not aware of which variant of the A505 I have. However, after the results load a link is available, which I used, that displays all results for all Satellite models. I was still unable to find anything that would work for my system.
  5. Sweet sweet victory. Thank you.
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