A few doubts in my new system

Hello everybody,

I am going to buy a new computer this month I think, and I still have one or two doubts on what hardware take.
At this time, my build is :

Intel core i7 875K
Noctua DH-14
RAM: corsair classis xms3 1600 RAM 2x2Go (I am not sure that the corsair dominator fits in the little space left by the noctua
if someone knows the answer, please notify me)
Box: Cooler master HAF 932
Power source: Cooler master silent pro 1000W (Again I am not sure about the total power load of my system, having never built a sli setup nor used a biGPU high end graphic card, please correct me if this is too much or not enough)

Gainward GTX 460GS "GLH"
RAID 10 of Western caviar ECO green 1TB x4

I think I will overclock the processor, the RAM and maybe the two sli graphic cards, so power load might go up a little

Please notify me if something looks strange or if I am doing a mistake, but I think I will have a pretty nice setup to play with.
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  1. 1000 watts will power 4 gtx 460's you dont really need more then 600 for sli 460's but you can look into the seasonic X-650/ bronze 620,antec tpn 650, or a step higher if you gonna clock the hell out of the gtx 460's the xfx 750 corsair ax 750 seasonic X 750
  2. Sorry I forgot to quote the fact that my actual 4 sata HDD will come in the new system aside from the raid 10 setup

    I think I will finally take the Cooling Master 800W silent gold
  3. i would rather get 4 of these hdds http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822152185&cm_re=samsung_spinpoint_f3-_-22-152-185-_-Product also i would try and fit an ssd in the build its worth it, but i guess you should wait until they all go down in price
  4. also i would rather go for 1 powerful gpu like a gtx 480 as 2 gtx 460s dont beat it by much and as you have a better upgrade path as you can add another gtx 480 down the line
  5. but 2 gtx 480's do need 1kw to run but a high quality 850 would be capable
  6. I consider your answer, but my choice of 2 GTX 460 is final, that build bury's the GTX 480 performance without heating so much. and I wish to keep my build as it is without additional modification for a couple of years.

    And for the HDD's, I will look at the tests just before buying them, to be real sure
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