Cannot Fully Format Seagate 1.5TB ST31500341AS

dear sir,
My when i tried to my memory card is format but the system was error. windows was unable to complete format.
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  1. Are you trying to format the system drive (usually the C drive) with the Windows Format tool?
    If yes, you cannot do it that way. You have to format it with a Windows installation CD or some other bootable utility CD.

    If it is not the system drive, the hard drive is probably failing. Test it with "SeaTools for Windows":
  2. may i suggest that you write your questions in your native language, then use google translate to post the question. in english...

    the question "cannot fully format seagate 1.5TB Drive ould be answer by saying that the formatted capacity is different because the the listed size is exact in bytes (i.e 1500 thousand thousand... or 1.5 trillion bytes) windows tend to report the result in base 2 numbers ie it is 1.024 times smaller...

    same size different numerical notation system... also windows requires overhead to allow storage on the disk.

    another reason could be that you are tring to format using fat32, which under XP only allows 32GB partitions. (but their are free utilities that will format larger...)

    the answer is correct, but the question does not make any sense, because the tag line is different than the question.

    if your question is how do i format my flash card using win7, you can only format to ntfs.. (fat32, fat format may be more useful, but you will need to use the commandline or another utility)
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