Deciding on an SSD, Opinions?

Budget around $150AU, give or take... I wanted to get the Corsair Force GT 120GB
Wouldn't really need much more than 120GB unless it was just a bonus at my price.
Just looking for speed really, if its reliable then that is also a bonus.
Play alot of games - League of Legends, FarCry 3, WoW, Battlefield 3
Also do alot of photo editing so transferring a hefty 30GB+ of photos onto the SSD before transferring to a standard disk drive in the computer and big resolution work in photoshop (possible scratch drive?)

Heard alot about the Force GT series and seems like a pretty good choice.
I also like the SanDisk SSD's but wasn't sure if they were any good (although it says 500mb+ read/write - similar to the force GT)

Any advice or personal experience would be great in terms of what to buy incase the Force GT can be out done at around $150

Thanks to anyone who can help out.

PS. Im buying through PC Case Gear and wont really deviate from that site so i will provide link to their stock
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  1. Hey buddy,

    Thanks for getting back to me. Okay, sounds good. What would be some of the differences between the 840 Pro and them m4? Or does the 840 out do the m4 in all aspects? I also saw the 840 but it only just came out not that long ago right? So you may have just locked it in for me!
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  3. Awesome, thanks a bunch dude.
    Really helpful.

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