Want to upgrade my 8800gt 512mb

Some years ago I bought an 8800gt 512mb and I think that was the single best hardware purchase I've ever made. It's lasted me until now and I'm still able to play the newest games on medium-high settings without too many problems.

However, I think it's time to upgrade, and I'm looking for something that is sort of like a modern 8800gt 512mb. That is, good price, and excellent performance for that price. Having looked through numerous articles, it seems like the gtx 460 1gb is the way to go, but before I blow $250 on it, I wanted to make sure I wasn't making any mistakes. Is the GTX 460 1gb one of those "best bang for the buck" cards like the 8800gt 512mb was? Does it have any known issues, like maybe being too big, overheating, or something like that?

Also, if I ever wanted to buy a second gtx 460 in the future in order to put it in SLI, would you recommend I purchase stock cards now so I won't have compatibility issues later with shader and core clock? Or would it be possible to overclock (or underclock) one or the other to put them on the same speed? The card I'm eyeing right now is factory overclocked.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Well I would say you definitely got some longevity out of your purchase, nicely done.

    460 1GB is a nice option as it gives you good performance with the option to SLI down the road. I would not pay extra for a factory overclock when you can OC yourself if you desire to do so.

    I would go 460 if you plan on going SLI and 470 if you are more comfortable with a single card solution. I personally own a 470 and the performance is amazing. One card suites me just fine which is the reason I have not picked up another for SLI. Right now you can get one for $325.00 after rebate with free shipping.

  2. in terms of rave reviews, performance for your dollar, best mid-tier card, etc., the GTX 460 is comparable to what the 8800GT was when it came out. It actually runs very cool and is a short card (for its performance).

    The only real issue the card has, it needs two 6-pin power connectors. Most cards come with 2 power adapters, just about all of them come with at least one.

    in SLI, both card will run at the lowest common setting.
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