Good PSU for CrossfireX mode

Hy i wonder if this is one of the good psu's or not, just tell me some good psu if this one isnt good for my crossfirex 6870 and phenom x6 1090t.

METATRON LC8850 850W/14CM V2.2


LC Power LC8850 "Arkangel" v2.2


Corsair TX 750W


Cooler Master GX 750W "Gamer Xtreme"

I dont want anything above 110-120€. Will it go ok? Which one is the best?
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  1. the corsair is the easily the better of the four and will have no issue with the ATI 6870 in CF
  2. Any of them would work.
    The Metatron and the Arkangel are pretty much the same as the Corsair, CWT built 750 watt units, but only three 6 pin pci-e power connectors.
    Go for the Corsair
  3. ok tenx for the info
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