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Weird Artifacts,need help!

My 9800GT from Palit (Stock 600/900/1500Mhz OCed to 750/1050/1875) is encountering wierd artifacts after playing GTA 4 for 20-30 mins.

Should i downclock it? because it used to run fine with OC. I'm getting this problem recently, even after an hour without gaming my screen flashes and Windows notifies and tells that my display driver is not working.

I have a cooler Master 500W PSU.

My question, is it my Graphics card or the PSU dying?
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    It seems like the GPU cant take the OC anymore. a PSU problem would just cause reboots etc not artifacts.

    Cool effect though. XD
  2. haha :lol: .....okay ,I will downclock and check out.
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