Moving an HP Slimeline s3720y to a larger case

I have decided to start checking out moving my s3720y to a larger case as i want to be able to game on it.

I haven't built or upgraded a computer in the past so i'm not sure if everything is going to work.

The case

The power supply

The Graphics Card

How many fans would i need to keep it cool, would the power supply and gfx card be compatibly with my motherboard.

Thanks in advance
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    don't ever buy a PSU from unless you want to watch your PC hardware go up in smoke. that PSU will never reach 750w and I doubt it can reach 400w.

    these are much better budget options
  2. Newegg also has better deals on cases, some with free shipping. I bought some cheap ddr3 from them yesterday. Their black friday deals have already started. Just check their website.
  3. Thanks

    so the graphic card will work with the NVIDIA GeForce 7100 / nForce 630i board in the pc

    Which case would be better


    Thanks for all the help so far.
  4. I would go for the first case, and use the savings for something else.
  5. Thanks

    I will be doing this soon. Is there anything else i need to know before doing this. It appears the hd 4870 will work with the mother board. I know i have to get a 20 to 24 pin adaptor.
  6. Don't buy that ps from Newegg has an antec basiq ps for about the same money. You won't need any adapters with antec. 500w should be enough with one of these brands: corsair, antec, seasonic, enermax, or ocz.
  7. i'm buying the one from new egg.

    Thanks for everyone's help. Hopefully the move will go well.

    I can't wait to get back to pc gaming
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