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Hi Everyone,

I hope I'm putting this into the right forum topic group.
Here's my situation: Moving into a new house soon and I had the builders run Cat5e cabling around my house. I also noticed an option for "Smartwire" options which apparently is just an RJ45 Cat5e cable but it handles the phone line.

So...Bare Wiring is in and they're asking me for nearly $125.00 to install each plate. Mildly stupid when I can purchase each plate and appropriate Coax/RJ12/RJ45 Keystones off Monoprice for a couple dollars each. Mounting each plate is not a concern is where all the cables go to in my basement.

Here's the setup. I have multiple standalone RJ12 (Cat3) Phone jacks around the house, Multiple RJ45 (internet), multiple Coax (cable) and multiple "smartwire" cables which are also jsut RJ45 Cat5e cables but intended for a phone connection. I've done my research and I can use these RJ45 cables with the approprite RJ12 Tooless Keystone jack to convert them to the required RJ12 connection in each room (on the wall plate)

Now...when I reach the basement....common sense... all my RJ45 internet wires will be plugged into an 8 port 10/100/1000 switch, then off to the router...and off to my cable modem.

My question is...what do I do with all the phone cable? I have 2 phone cables (RJ12 Cat3) coming through the floor as well as 2 RJ45 "smartwire" cables. How do I combine all these wires into 1 connection and wire it into my "phone modem" which acceps a single RJ12 connection. In a perfect world...they'd sell a "RJ12 Switch" unfortunately...doesn't exist.

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  1. I believe you need a punch down panel for the phone wires.
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