Is that ok to instal all software in ssd

finally I got my ssd on my new computer, this is new things for me,
and there is some thought with this ssd:

i bought ocz vertex 4 128gb
i do instal win 7 64 bit in it,
and all software in it too, so from the most common like yahoo messenger, winamp, to working software, like photoshop, 3ds max...

I wondering if this ok to do that?

because some article I read, said that to life span ssd you must turn off auto defrag, even auto update like adobe reader or adobe flash player which is have a often update

i think this is to reduce ssd to write over and over again, right?

so I'm so worried about my ssd lifetime...

do you guys have a experience with this ssd configuration to expand ssd lifetime?

thank you.
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  1. That will be fine as long as the SSD don't be filled up to 80%, because it need the space to do TRIM or GC. And like the regula usage it will last for long time maybe over 5-10 years.

    Also I will recommend move some folds like TEMP and download, etc. to the HDD too.
  2. so, that mean it's ok to if i do update software?
    ok then, thank you for your answer :)
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