Sound is not working :/

hello, I very recently finished building my PC and everything is working great... except the sound. I checked the device manager and under sound it says ATI high definition audio device and Realtek high definition audio are both working fine. I've tried a few quick fixes, like updating and stuff but nothing seems to work. Any advice/suggestions?
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  1. The ATI driver you mentioned is for the HDMI only. The realtek is for analog and possibly optical/coax.

    Are you trying to use the analog ports? (they look like 1/8" headphone jacks)

    If so, there is a second audio chip that will require a driver to be installed to use (which it looks like you do) and you also need to go into the Windows sound properties in Control Panel and select which audio out device you are using.

    My guess is that you're trying to use analog, but you have the OS set to output over HDMI or digital.
  2. i'm using speakers with the orange headphone plug thing i'm guessing thats analog lol
    where do i find a driver for the second audio chip?
  3. i just checked and the realtek is set at default
  4. Plug your headphones into the green audio port.
  5. doesnt work
  6. This sounds, no pun intended, like your onboard audio is defective (dead on arrival). Check the mobo website for any BIOS updates that address the sound concern you're experiencing. If you don't find any, then you could either RMA the mobo or install a sound card.
  7. ok my speakers work now, albeit very quiet, but my case speakers dont. I have a thermaltake va8003bws and i believe it comes built in, how do i get them to work?
  8. Check the Volume Control in your system tray and control panel. Not all the cases have speaker.
  9. Your case speakers? Are you referring to the motherboard speaker? Do you have one? If so, make sure it's connected to the correct pins.
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