Gigabyte GTX 470 "Turning off" mid-game, help!

So, my GTX 470 seems to turn off mid-game.

It did this before and I thought it might be overheating, so I set custom fan profiles and everything and now the temp stays below 75-80c. So I know that isn't the issue.

And I know it's just my card turning off, because my second card (a GTX 260 for PhysX and a third monitor) remains on and working fine.

I'm thinking it might be a power issue, but I own a Corsair 1000Watt Power supply that more than meets the requirements. Only thing I can think of is that I'm running off a severely power stripped outlet giving power to a few computers, monitors and other accessories, and that the outlet is simply not providing enough juice for my card.

Is this possible without completely shutting down my entire comp? Or could it be something else?

Intel C2Q Q9450 @ Stock 2.66GHz with a Hyper 212+
6 Gigs of Mushkin and Kingston Value DDR2 Memory
One Gigabyte GTX 470 and One EVGA GTX 260
A 1000w Corsair HX1000
Two 1TB HDD's and a single 750GB HDD
Windows 7 Ultimate x64
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  1. You can pull the 260 and test, then use the 260's psu leads for the 470 and test, then swap PCIe power connectors around . . . checking to see if you've overloaded a rail or have a bad rail.

    You may see a small voltage drop from a loaded wall outlet (can check with a voltmeter or it may show on your UPS if you have one) that might trigger one of your psu's protection circuits to shut down. A long extension cord can help you test that too :) Other than that, your psu should pull as much power as it needs until the wall circuit breaker says "enough".
  2. I've tried pretty much all of that.
    It might come down to simply being a bad card, since I never had this issue with any other card.
  3. From what you hace said, I'm guessing the same. But you didn't mention your cpu temps. Are they OK at "shutdown"?
  4. If all of trying are failed, then it's time to RMA the card...
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