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I am giving in to upgrading my computer. My notebook dock has a PCI slot, so I can upgrade the video card. However, I would like a card that has DX 11, just in case it becomes the standard for the next 2 years or so.
(highend gaming will require a more than a PIV 2.6, but it is not my main concern for the moment)

There are cards with 1024MB DX10, but I cannot seem to find anything with DX 11. I would think that ATI would have such a model, but their website does not list anything.

Anyone have have any ideas - suggestions?
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  1. i believe all the dx 11 cards are PCIe
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    The best PCI card can barely handle DX10 games, and ATI probably wont make HD5000 card for PCI.

    Does your notebook have a Express-card slot? There are adapters that let you connect a external GPU via Expresscard (which is just a PCIe X1 slot I believe.)
  3. No point really in upgrading...Just get a whole new comp. PCI is basically useless in terms of graphics now.
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  5. I think that upgrades are to avoid getting a whole new system. A 50$ card may just broaden the games or apps i can use. Mind you is probably not much more than what I could sell this system for.

    I am not sure that I should be surprised, but this 8 year old IBM is still quite modular -even has a PCMCIA eSATA card, quick removable optical drives for less weight... The dock seemed a waste at first, but each time that I would have to connect and reconnect the USB hub(keyb mouse, BT), VGA, power etc, it would be hassle.
  6. Is it a vintage thinkpad? Throw it on ebay and theres should be quite a market.
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