GTX 465 and Win XP

I'm sorry if this is the wrong forum for this question but I was not sure where to post it. I am looking at upgrading my 9600gt to a GTX 465 1gig.
I am currently using win xp pro and I have 4 gigs of ram. I have read that win xp does not recognize more then 4gigs of ram. Doe win xp consider video card ram as part of the total system memory? Basically what I need to know is am I going to have problems putting a 1 gig video card in a win xp system with 4 gigs of ram. I would really appreciate anyone who could offer some advice. Thanks.
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  1. I assume you are running 32 bit windows XP like most people, in which case due to address limits windows will only have about 3.2GB accessible for your programs, i dont believe that the memory on the card is system addressable and consumes address space so you will still have about 3.2GB recognized.

    I suggest a 1GB GTX 460 over the GTX 465, its faster and a bit cooler.
  2. as i understand it, 32-bit takes into account all ram, including ram from your video card

    so you may run into problems on resource hungry programs
  3. If you can drop the cash to get that card, drop the cash and buy windows 7 and use the 64bit edition. If your worried about not being able to use XP programs. dont worry you can run a virtual XP in windows 7.
  4. Buy the gtx 460, use the money thats left on windows 7 64bit
  5. Thanks for the advice. I know i should probably upgrade to win 7 but i'm not sure i'm ready to say good bye to xp just yet. Also, I need to pick up a new PSU as well so i don't really have the money for the new card + PSU + Win 7. If I run into problems, i will just take out one of my 1gig sticks.
  6. You wont need to pull any sticks but you will end up with a lot less than 4GB of Ram available to you. There wont actually be any clash or anything its just wasted Ram really.
    Leave the Ram as it is and add the card you will be fine.
    I was stuck on XP for ages and you sound like i thought at the time. I used the free release client version and after about 2 days put in a pre order for W7.#

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