Amd x3 440 vs intel

Which processor of Intel is equivalent to Amd x3 440?
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  1. Price equivalent or power?
  2. The X3 440 lies somewhere between the G9650 and Core i3 530. Intel doesn't really have anything in its price or performance range.

    What's your uses, and other components? The x3 could be plenty for you, or you could need some more power.
  3. The Amd x3 440 is on par with the Intel i3 series when it comes to gaming.

    It happens to be quite a bit than cheaper than the i3 series too, although it does use slightly more power.
  4. The x3 and i3 will come close @ stock clocks with the right core optimizations, but once overclocking is taken into account the i3 is beastly.
  5. I prefer AMD over Intel anyway. The price points are better. Truly the three core is sufficient for a lot of things and a lot of the gaming rigs I sell i'll toss a three core into.
  6. psychoactivist said:
    Price equivalent or power?

  7. Hard to answer really, AMD's triple core processors have lower single threaded performance than Core2Duo or I3, but the multithreaded performance will beat Core2Duo and be similar to I3 in performance depending on task.

    You've really got to consider what the computer will be used for to determine which processor would be better.
  8. Quote:
    It is equivalent to c2d series.i3 is way superior and powerful than x3 440.

    Then again, the Athlon II X3 ($89) competes with the the LGA 775 CPUs and Pentium G9650 ($99), the Athlon II X4 ($99) is in the sun $100 bracket, obviously not in competition to Core i3 540 ($115)
  9. for the same price as an i3 you could get a Phenom II x4 955 which is considerably faster than an i3 and great for overclocking
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