PCIe X16 @ X4

which card can fully utilize on x4
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  1. A huh?

    Are you asking which card wont be bottle-necked by X4? If so, its something something like a HD5670/GT240 or so.

    But if you are trying to crossfire on a X16/X4 board, don't do it.
  2. en9800GT 1GB ?
  3. So whats the game here then ? Do you by chance have one of those dualVsta boards with a PCIE x4 and an AGP slot ?
    You see im guessing at these types of things because you have not really given us much to go on. The reason i ask is because these boards usually need Bios updates to support newer cards and tend to favour ATI cards over Nvidia ones for some reason.

    If its just a general question then i agree with Timop more or less. :)

  4. +1 to both Timop and Mactronix.

    What exactly are you trying to do? We can help you more if we know the reason to the question.
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