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Hi guys

Money is not the issue here....SPACE is!

Running an i5 760 on a mini itx board, inside a sugo3-f

2 front mounted 120mm positive pressure fans, and 2 x 120mm PCI slot fans to remove air through rear

Then there is an Asus GTX 470 V2 between that

Using stock intel cooler at present. Idling just below 50

Want to get a better cooler, but the space is a bit limited as the sugo has the PSU mounted parallel to the mobo, so height cannot be excessive. And as its mini itx, RAM it fairly close to the socket, as is the pci-e slot

Came across these 2 as possible replacements for the stock cooler....any thoughts and suggestions appreciated (i thought the akasa would be good as it would align with the front intake fans well)
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  1. Actually would get the upgraded akasa if I did choose this. Advice appreciated
  2. That arctic cooling solution looks nice.. I would however opt for a Corsair H50 -
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