My HDD is ON and OFF

Hi guys. i would like to ask your guide regarding my problem, I have 7 Hdd which is 1 SSD and 6 normal hdd, The problem is when i leave in on idle or left my pc unused for a while something strange happen which is 1 of my hdd will disappear between those 6 hdd and i have to restart to see all the 6 hdd back. I already test these 6 hdd on other PC and tested OK. Already check with the utilities from their respective brand and the result came with all hdd are working fine. Check my other component with other PC and tested so far OK. I already check the cable sata and also power cable which found no problem . Already try using other sata cable power and no changes to my problem. Then i try to see if my power supply is insufficient but when i using the extreme power supply calculator i see that most it will consume is 500 watt while i have a 600 watt power supply. Already try using other port sata for these 6 hdd with no good result. Can someone gave an idea which next to troubleshoot the problem? Ps: Each partiton hdd all 90% limit usage due to my all data backup except for my SSD only which free space around 60 GB left.

Here's my spec PC
i5 3570k ( Still a VIRGIN )
Asus P8z77-V-Pro
G sniper ram ddr3 1600mhz 4gb x2 9-9-9-24 8GB
Asus GTX 560 DC II CU OC
Cooler master V8 Fan processor
1 SSD intel 330 120GB
4 unit hdd 500GB
2 unit hdd 2000GB
Haf 932 casing
Cooler Master 600watt Silent PRO
1 Unit DVD writter Asus
3 unit 120mm Led Fan
1 unit 140mm Led Fan
2 unit 230mm Led Fan
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  1. Is the drive that is the issue on one of the Intel ports or on the blue Asmedia ports?

    Also, make sure the drivers for all SATA controllers are up to date (both Intel and Asmedia).
  2. I had the same problem. SATA interface cable going bad.
  3. Thanks guys for the reply, But i already update to the latest driver both intel and also asmedia controller. This happen in windows 7 and also windows 8. Right now i'm using platform windows 8. To your problem solved or still searching for the solution? Just now i try my friend power supply 750 watt to use in my system and it still having a problem , I just don't know where else to troubleshoot. Any idea guys? long term will it effect my hardware?
  4. memadmax said:
    I had the same problem. SATA interface cable going bad.

    Check your cable.
    Also try switching ports to see if the same issue occurs on either the port or the hard drive.

    As a side bar, you could try a temporary fix of preventing your hdds from going to sleep by changing that under power settings.
    Sounds like that's what's causing them to cut out, and one simply isn't powering back on.
  5. Unhook one HDD at a time
  6. aramisathei: Done that and it seem to work fine for now...but is there anyway to permanently solving this issue?got any idea how to check other option there any effect in hdd if always on.....

    DCDA:thanks for reply and that method already try...when putting 1 hdd at a time there's no issue but when 6 of them put together problem just like when all sasta port are full that's when the problem occur...all the sata port already try with different hdd just for your info....
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    I ended up replacing all my cables(4 hard drives+dvd-player), and a year later had to buy another whole new set(again).
    It's strange as the cables don't get messed with except maybe once every 6 months or so.
    It seems like not all SATA cables are equal, the worst ones I had, had the little metal security tab on top, and the best ones where plain jane ones from best buy. I figured I would treat my cables like the light bulbs on a car: replace all as a set lol, and it's cheap enough to do it too.
  8. Sometimes, HDDs might turn off in idle (win 7/8) if the power settings are not configured right.
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