8800gt overclock

hi guys

i went to market to get a gtx 460 when i got there price was 300$ 0_0 (i m in UAE)
but the actual price is 200$

so now i have to wait for another month prices will drop by then

now i want to overclock my 8800gt what are the sweet clocks for it

i haven't overclocked any thing before a little guide will be appricated

thanks in advance
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  1. download ati tool
    and you can find max core and memory clock
  2. 700/1759/950, is supposed to be pretty average.
    738/1782/990, as a little higher stable clock.
    740/1850/1060, as a higher clock that has known to work, but I heard pussing the memory clock over 1000 on the 8800GT can have bad side effects.

    Its really not that hard, just push it up a little bit, run Furmark + GPU-z for five minutes, if you dont see any problems, push it up a little more. Rinse and repeart. There will get a point where the card starts to get hot or doesn't work correctly, once you hit that turn it down a little, and run Furmark for 30 minutes. If there are no problems your probably at your max OC. :D

    Or just use ATI Tool as amir said.
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