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Hi guys I have heard this is the best place to ask tech questions.

I am upgrading my system and making a 64gb SSD my boot drive. My old hard drive has my windows install and games. I know due to size limits I can't transfer them over. so is there any chance of having windows on my new drive and being able to play those games off the storage drive even though it has a windows install? I am guessing I am going to need to wipe it and re download my steam list. :sweat:
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  1. If you have the steam games, you don't need redownload them, check the link for how to move the games to other drive
  2. If you really want to , you can install windows as a fresh copy on the new SSD. Delete all files that are to do with Windows OS itself & transfer your steam games. I've done that before and it works perfectly. Only downside is that it takes the system quite a long time to delete the OS folders.

    Hope I helped
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