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I have a Dell XPS400 set up With a mirrored raid. One of the drives has failed. I have a replacement drive and put it in thinking it would automatically mirror to the good drive. It hasn't. What do I need to do to mirror the drives?

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  1. hmm, well its been a good 10 years since iv'e done it, but when i was using raid controllers, it would be an option in the bios of the controller card. if you have a built in raid controller, i would check the bios, if not, check the raid software that came with it.
  2. You may need to download the raid software.
    From the manual:

    "If your computer does not have a spare hard drive, and the computer has reported a degraded
    RAID level 1 volume, you can manually rebuild the computer’s redundancy mirror to a new hard
    drive by performing the following steps:
    1 Click the Start button and point to Programs→ Intel(R) Application Accelerator→ Intel
    Matrix Storage Manager to launch the Intel® Storage Utility.
    2 Right-click the available hard drive to which you want to rebuild the RAID level 1 volume,
    and click Rebuild to this Disk."
  3. should be an option in the RAID Bios
  4. Thanks to all. I got it.
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